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What is a cloud?

Cloud usually refers to an online storage system.


  • Let us say you have created a document on your favourite text editor on your desktop computer.
  • Now you want to access that document from your mobile phone.
  • What you need is a common storage area which is accessible to both your computing devices, namely the desktop computer and the mobile phone.
  • Such a storage facility available on the web is called a cloud, also known as online storage.
  • After you have finished working on the document, login to your cloud storage provider application on the Internet and save your document there (assuming of course that you do have an account there).
  • Later when your desktop computer is out of reach and you need that document, just login again to your cloud storage from another computer or your mobile phone to access it.

cloud pic This way you can share documents among different devices. The document can contain text, audio, video, pictures or in any combination.


Dropbox – a cloud storage system available free and also through paid subscription to premium users. It is available at http://www.dropbox.com

What you need

  • Internets connection
  • Cloud storage account
  • Cloud storage client

Note: In an Internet café or on your mobile device, you may not have access to a storage client application. In that case, just go to the provider’s web address and login to your account. For more details read the user guide supplied for the specific storage system.