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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that enables devices to connect wirelessly over a limited range of about 3 to 5 meters.


  • Let us say you want your hands free when you talk into your mobile phone.
  • Purchase a Bluetooth hearing aid that connects with your mobile phone (assuming that your mobile phone I’d Bluetooth-enabled).
  • In order to establish communication between the hearing aid and the mobile phone, you need to setup the connection as explained by the phone vendor.
  • The procedure to connect different Bluetooth devices is called tethering.
  • Two mobile phones are even different devices such as a tablet and a mobile hone may also be tethered to establish communication between the two devices.


Nokia device to a Nokia headphone tethered wirelessly. No messy wires dangling from your ears. Just a small rectangular contraption glued to your ear with a hook and an ear bud.

What you need:
Bluetooth-enabled devices which can be tethered.
Read the instruction manual supplied with the devices for more information.

Note: All Bluetooth devices cannot be tethered together because of proprietary reasons.