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What is a tag?
Tag is a hyperlinked word. The link displays a list of articles containing that word.


  • Let us say you are reading a blog post.
  • At the top or bottom of the post a set of words are displayed as tags.
  • When you click on a tag, it takes you to a page that displays a list of all posts that contain that word.
  • Tagging is a kind of indexing scheme for the web.
  • The index is based on keywords, just as in a printed book.

tag cloud

Within the tags section of this post, you will find words separated by spaces. Each one is linked to a list page that displays the posts containing that word.

What you need:
If you are a blogger and you need to tag your posts, then read on…

  • In order to tag your posts you need to identify keywords in each post.
  • Use the tagging feature of your blogger to set the tags for each post.
  • Tags are created in a line separated by a comma for each keyword.
  • Tags are usually displayed in a line separated by white space.
  • It is also possible to display tags as a cluster: it is called a tag cloud.

Note: Tagging allows users to jump to other posts or articles of related interest.