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What is spam?
Spam is unsolicited junk email.


  1. Let us say that you have received in your email INBOX mails from unknown senders.
  2. They may be directed at your email ID, or sent to several unknown IDs, or even to undisclosed recipients.
  3. If you have an email account with a good email service provider, you will have a bulk folder.
  4. The provider determines (usually correctly) the email as junk and drops it in the bulk folder for review and delete if necessary.
  5. The bulk email folder is really a spam guard, so that your INBOX is not flooded with unsolicited emails.

My bulk folder


Gmail provides an excellent spam guard.

What you can do:

  1. Visit your bulk folder as often as you can to review and clean up.
  2. Sometimes a new email from a legitimate sender is incorrectly determined as junk email.
  3. Move legit email to your INBOX. Check the email help to find out how.

Note: If you think you got an unsolicited email, you may report it as spam. Check out your service provider’s help pages on how to do this.