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What is sync?
Short for synchronization. To sync means to share and update content between two devices.


  • Let us say you have created a document in your laptop.
  • Later you want to make some changes to the same document from your mobile phone.
  • From your laptop connect to your account in an online storage space, like Dropbox.
  • Upload the document in your laptop to the online storage.
  • From the mobile phone connect to the online storage and download the document.
  • Work on the document to your heart’s content, then upload the same document to the online storage again.
  • When you return to your laptop, you can download the latest version of the document.
  • Now the two devices, the laptop and the mobile phone, are said to be in sync.


A cloud sharing utility like Dropbox allows you to sync documents between two Internet enabled devices. Click on the cloud tag to see related posts.

What you need:

  1. An account with a cloud service like Dropbox or Skydrive.
  2. Internet connection to access it from your device.

Note: Be careful when you update the content between devices; you may overwrite current content with the older version.