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What is Android?
Android is a mobile operating system from Google.


  • Let us say you want to buy a mobile phone.
  • You are most likely to choose from among the most popular mobile manufacturers.
  • However, you can choose your mobile based on the operating system.
  • The choice dictates the kind of applications you get to use on your mobile.

Icon of Android OS


  • Many Samsung mobiles run on Android, a free software.
  • The Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad run on IOS, a proprietary of Apple Inc.
  • Nokia mobiles run on Symbian, which appears to be declining in popularity.

What you need:

  • List of things you do on a daily basis.
  • Check whether your choice of mobile provides the applications (called apps) for your purpose.
  • Read up the literature from the company.

Note: There are other proprietary mobile operating systems like Windows and BlackBerry OS.