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What is Rich Text?
Rich text is text with features such as bold, italics or underline. It may also contain indentation, bulleted lists or different text styles.


  • Let us say you are writing a short memo.
  • You need to put a title to it.
  • A body of text below it.
  • And a footer where you want to sign off.
  • In each case you want the text to look different.
  • The header must look big and bold, the body plain and the footer in italics, perhaps.
  • This is where you will need a rich text editor to do the job.

Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, any rich text editor that runs on your device or the web browser.

What you need:

  • A rich txt editor
  • Save the text in Rich Text Format, called RTF.

Note: Most word processors can be used to edit and view document saved in RTF format.