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What is a router?
A router is a network device used to connect two or more devices into a network.


  • Let us say you created a document on your desktop.
  • Now you want to access that document from your laptop.
  • You will first need to buy a network router and a LAN cable.
  • Connect your desktop and laptop to the router using the cable.
  • Configure the two systems with an IP address, also called LAN address (here you will need expert advice).
  • When properly configured, you will be able to see the shared folders of one system in the other.
  • A shared folder allows you to copy files from one device to the other.

Netgear and D-Link are two examples of a network router or a LAN router.

What you need:

  • A network router
  • LAN cables
  • Devices that accept LAN cable connection
  • Router configuration
  • A network expert or advisor.

Note: A wireless router combines both cable and wireless connections. In order to use the wireless feature of a wireless router, the devices must be capable of wireless connectivity. See WiFi post in this blog.