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What is an Access Point?
A wireless router that connects a mobile device to a local area network. A Wi-Fi router at home connected to the internet may serve as an access point for your mobile phone.


  • Let us say you want to access Internet from your mobile phone.
  • You have a wireless router at home that is connected to the Internet.
  • You scan for a wireless network a.k.a. WLAN from your mobile.
  • When a WLAN is discovered you set it up as an Access Point.
  • Whenever you want to surf the web, the mobile phone remembers and connects through the Access Point.

Any Wi-Fi Hotspot, or a WLAN

What you need:

  • A mobile device that is Wi-Fi enabled
  • A Wi-Fi hotspot or a WLAN node from a wireless router
  • Tether the two devices

Note: A Bluetooth device may also provide an Access Point.