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What is 3G?
A third generation cellular network to provide high speed data transfer capability to mobile devices. It is a mobile broadband service.


  • Let us say you need a high speed access to the Internet.
  • You have your mobile phone tethered to the Wi-Fi router at home, but you need mobility.
  • You subscribe to the 3G service with your mobile service operator.
  • Once configured, you get access to the Internet at very high speeds, higher than what you get from fixed broadband connection at home.
  • You also get the freedom to access the Internet while on the move.

Almost all mobile operators provide 3G service. Talk to your operator.

What you need:
A 3G enabled mobile device
A 3G service provider

Note: The cost of a 3G service is significantly higher than fixed broadband. A 3G dongle is also available for laptops.