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What is a dongle?
A dongle is a hardware device to provide a controlled access to an application. It plugs into your desktop or laptop computer.


  • Let us say you want to restrict access to your computer through hardware and not rely on password protection alone.
  • You may purchase a dongle from a security provider who will equip your computer with a security dongle.
  • You may want to access Internet on the go and not be chained to your desk at home.
  • Subscribe to a mobile operator who will provide a data card dongle that allows you to access the Internet.

ENKY LC DONGLE for a security dongle
Vodafone, Reliance or Airtel dongles for mobile broadband service

What you need:
A dongle to suit your purpose
A device with a USB connector to use it

Note: Mobile operators also supply 3G dongles for use on the laptops and home computers.