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What is HTTP?
HTTP is the first part of a web address. It determines that the resource present at that address is based on HTML, the language of the web. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transport Protocol.


  • Let us say you want to look up a website from your favorite browser.
  • You type the web address in the address bar (a.k.a. Location) of your browser.
  • You start the web address with http://
  • This part of the web address tells the browser to fetch the resource at that location, a resource that is built using hypertext.
  • It is a web protocol that allows the web browser to interact with the web server located at that address following a predefined set of rules.


What you need:
You will need a web browser in your device.

Note: Most web browsers are designed to assume the http protocol even when it is not mentioned in the URL or the web address. For example, type google.com in your browser and it changes automatically to http://www.google.com.