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What is a USB drive?
It is a removable, re-writable data storage device. It has many names: Jump drive, Flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, a connection point for computer peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, digital camera and so on.


  • Let us say you want to carry your documents or photos wherever you go.
  • You will purchase a USB device with a capacity that suits your purse and need.
  • Plug in the USB device into the USB slot on your computer.
  • Go to file explorer and see that the USB device is available as one of the system drives, as the next available drive on your system.
  • You can perform all file operations that you normally perform on existing system drives. Remember to stop the drive before removing the device (mouse over the device icon on the system tray and you will see a prompt to remove safely.)

Aigo, HP, Corsair are some of the product manufacturers.

What you need:
A USB device
USB connection point on the computer

Note: Some smartphones provide a chord for a USB connection. USB drive storage capacity varies per device from megabytes to gigabytes.