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What is a podcast?
Podcast is a downloadable audio content such as a lecture or a piece of music. A free or paid subscription is required depending on the content distributor.


  • Let us say you want to listen to a series of lectures from the Open University.
  • You subscribe to the lectures from their website from your device.
  • Subscription allows you to download and play the content on your device.
  • You may setup alerts if available for notifications of updates to the content.
  • You may also receive the digital feeds automatically whenever there is new content available.

Subscribe to Open University through iTunes on your Mac, Windows, iPod or iPad or any device with a music player and Internet connection.

What you need:
An Internet connection
A device that is capable of playing audio content
A subscription with a content provider

Note: Podcast is made up from pod as in iPod and cast as in broadcast. It is a non-text RSS feed. A video content similarly distributed is called a video podcast.