What is a feed?
Feed refers to content that is delivered from a source that is frequently updated.


  • Let us say you frequently visit a fashion website or an educational portal.
  • You want to subscribe to its content so that you can receive it whenever there is an update.
  • The subscription is made at the website for an RSS feed, which is the format in which the content is delivered to your device.
  • Your device has a feed reader which can display the content in a readable format.

Adding the text /feed/ to this blog returns a list of the blog posts.
If you visit http://femefashions.com/ you will notice links to news and article feeds.
RSS feeds are identifiable by the icon shown above.

What you need:
A subscription with a website that delivers its content as RSS feed.
A feed reader like Google Reader to read the content.

Note: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a term that refers to syndicated content delivered electronically to subscribed users.