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What is a torrent?
Torrent is a source file that contains information about a target file available for download. The target file is available in chunks from several online systems called peers. It is a file transfer protocol called BitTorrent.


  • Let us say you want to download a game program that is very huge in size.
  • You are likely to face power cuts or may not be able to keep the computer on for hours.
  • You search the web for a torrent file of the game.
  • You start the torrent downloader program on your device and start the download.
  • The download takes place sequentially and in the background whenever your device is on and connected to the Internet.

uTorrent is a torrent client program for PC for downloading torrent files.

What you need:
A torrent client for your device and Internet connection.

Note: A Torrent client program downloads bits of the target file from several online computers and assembles them into one seamless whole. Many torrent files are illegal and may pose a security risk.