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What is Ethernet?
Ethernet is a technology standard to connect computers into a network.


  • Let us say you have a desktop computer, a laptop and a mobile phone.
  • You want to setup a network so that files from one device can be transferred to the other device.
  • You set up a local area network a.k.a LAN.
  • The LAN is set up by connecting the computers using networking cables and a router.
  • The devices may also be connected wirelessly using a wireless router.
  • The cables and the networking router must conform to the Ethernet standard.

A D-Link or a Linksys Ethernet router can be used to set up a home network.

What you need:
Computer systems to connect
A router and some cables
Expert advice to set up and configure systems

Note: Ethernet network is not limited to transferring files. It does more: users can share a printer or a DVD, communicate with one another and so on.