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What is Infographics?
It is a way of communicating information in a single page using multimedia content. Using text, pictures and video or animations and in any combination, the content may be presented to the user in a single page.


  • Let us say you are expert in a field and you want to convey something briefly yet effectively.
  • You present the content in ways that you think will be most effective to the learner.
  • You may use a judicious combination of text, pictures and videos to bring home quickly the information you want to convey.
  • You will use appropriate software to render the content in the most appropriate manner.



What you need:
A great idea to convey
A program to let you do it in such as a mind-mapping tool or any program that allows you to combine text and graphics in innovative ways.
You might consider making it interactive to be more effective.

Note: Infographics has become the new paradigm in education, though it was originally intended to visualize and present complex business data.