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What is a mind map?
A mind map is a pictorial outline of an idea. The idea can be expanded in any number of ways.


  • Let us say you have a brainwave of an idea.
  • You want to explore the idea in depth.
  • You follow your thoughts about the idea as they come.
  • You don’t want to be limited by simple textual outlining.
  • You want to draw a map of the thoughts about the idea.
  • You want the thoughts to pour out unhindered and yet you want them to group them in ways that make sense.
  • You want to expand the idea to encompass much more than you initially envisaged.

See the following map about a mind map. It is simple, but has the potential to expand in many ways.


What you need:
Mind mapping software is available for all devices – computers, tablets and mobiles – in both paid and free versions. You may try some of the mapping software shown in the picture. Just google the words. Of course, you must have an idea to begin with.

Note: Mind-mapping is being increasingly used in education. Students find it handy to take notes in the class. It’s business uses are also many, from organizational charts to developing a product. Even personal tasks can be organized.