The elements of Group 2 Shown below, including Sodium and Potassium, are called alkaline earth metals.

  • Be (Beryllium used for making containers of atomic fuel, also as a window material in x-ray apparatus)
  • Mg (chlorophyll, a compound of Magnesium, helps in photosynthesis.)
  • Ca
  • Sr
  • Ba
  • Ra

The elements shown in the list above are in decreasing solubility of sulphates in water and in increasing order of thermal stability of carbonates.

Alkaline Earth Metals tend to be soft and highly reactive metals, because they have only two electrons in the outer shell.

Flame color
Colors imparted to flame by alkaline earth metals, some of these are used in firework displays to be more colorful:

  • Sodium golden yellow
  • Potassium pink
  • Calcium brick red
  • Barium green
  • Strontium crimson red

Location in the Periodic Table