When I die
Where am I?
Where on earth am I?
Where in the heavens am I?
Except in the memory
Of those who knew me
Very few remember
And most wish to forget
What is remembered?
A bunch of fragments
Some crumbs of pleasure
And bundles of pain
All my wishes gone
In a trice
Why do I wish then?
All are rudely snuffed out
Like a burning candle
In a hurricane
Where did they go?
The dreamer is gone
Who owns the dream now?

I struggle to become
Do I evolve now?
I am no more
What is there left
That is going to become more?

I protected me
From insult and injury
Shielded behind
Logic and respect
Status and possessions
All is but a memory
Ashes and shadows
For I am gone forever
Why do I protect?
What do I protect?
That is now here
And then nowhere?

My chair remains
My watch keeps ticking
My clothes hang in the cupboard
My mobile rings but not for me
My photos adorn the walls
My thoughts echo for a while
My shadow flits in the dark
My footsteps sound no more
My facebook, what happens to it?
My name remains without a face
Me no more, but mine remains