The brain is leaking thoughts like a broken faucet.

Electrical fire is the most insidious threat like slow poison.

In every action of ours we find something noble.

The sight of a nude standing beside another sculpted in stone is a picture of the story of the earth evolving from a hard rock to a slender graceful living thing.

Tradition, our inheritance, is like the two-faced Roman god Janus: there is a good side to it and a bad side.

Where there is abundance, there is waste.

Pleasure is the lid on a cauldron of pain.

Writing is a study of character in solitude.

Earn to live. Live to learn.

No one can hurt as bad as someone close to you. I wonder why?

As is your nature, so is your life. You are in conflict with everything that is contrary to your nature.

Maturity comes when we can look at our own pain, without self-pity or self-mortification.

Every living thing arises from a seed, sprouts and grows, and then finally dies and decays. What comes out from the seed depends on what is stored in it. How does a seed form with so many instructions built into it? Truly, this is intelligence of the most supreme order!

If good has a motive, then it is evil masquerading as good.

The teeming majority has the power to humble the mighty minority.

If happiness is derivative, then it is illusory.

Love is all that is impossible in a relationship

Breathing is the most sacred act of living.

Be a star, not a planet

Addiction is when habit becomes a necessity.

Stone and brick libraries are museums of books and magazines