After several false starts I have at last embarked on a journey to put together interactive educational content on the web. The primary goal is to make the content useful, simple and uncluttered. It is also meant to be interactive. 

At times I felt sorely the need for a help, a wish to work collaboratively with another like-minded person, but if wishes were horses…

It has been a wonderful journey so far as I continue to update the site daily, adding infocards, a term I use to refer to informational cards. I have always wanted to present information as nuggets, snippets, chunks. Here at last I found the way that is both convenient and satisfying. 

Hopefully the viewer and the learner alike Will find the website as interesting as it has been for me while developing it. It is worth noting here that the entire site design, the user interface and the content, has been a one man’s show. But I expect someone out there would find it interesting enough to contribute and or collaborate. 

If you are among those who is curious to know more, do check out, starting not necessarily here 

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